Our Story

Café Zee is the determination that quality should be the right of the consumer and a belief that high street coffee shops could be offering a better product.  This ethos, coupled with a real passion for great coffee with great food is how Café Zee began.  We then started trying to understand the humble coffee bean by looking at the history of coffee and where it originated; resulting in a concept on the Origins of coffee.  Coffee is truly a product for all nations and is produced and consumed across the globe.  However, everything has a beginning and coffee is no different, the roots of coffee begin in east Africa and the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.  So we have stayed true to the origins of coffee by reflecting the culture of this region in our food and in our mentality.


Our Aim

To provide the best possible coffee house experience by using the highest quality produce in a safe, relaxing environment whilst having an obsession for great service.

To embrace a modern progressive coffee culture by being flexible to change and demand, with the aim of achieving the best coffee experience anywhere, complimented by healthy super foods, freshly roasted coffee, artisan bread/cakes and a love of the customer.

We have embraced the way coffee culture has evolved, ensuring that we use nutritional and ethically sourced produce.  Staying true to the origins of coffee by incorporating a North African and Middle Eastern theme in our food, thus, making it healthy, vibrant, fresh and interesting.

The Coffee

Café Zee is a ‘micro roasting house’, delivering exceptionally high quality coffee, roasted on the premises for supreme freshness and then hand crafted to the highest standard.

We serve coffee at the shop for ‘sit in’ and ‘takeaway’ through our “La Marzocco” espresso machines, which are calibrated to serve the perfect espresso at 94 degrees and 9 bar pressure with a short pre-infusion.

A ‘micro roasting house’ is an independent artisan coffee roaster.  We only use high grade 80+ Arabica beans and roast in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  Roasting in small quantities allows us to offer truly fresh roasted coffee to our customers; we also use a gentle roast technique which takes more time but allows flavours and aromas to remain intact.


The food

We serve a large range of products that include quality patisserie, viennoiserie, cakes, salads, pastries, filled artisan breads and of course a fabulous range of hot and cold drinks.  The theme of our food takes you back to the countries where coffee originated and we stay true to the origins of coffee by being Halal friendly.

In store – All products for sale are visible to the consumer before they reach the till and coffee machine, incorporating an ergonomic ambient display coupled with a cold counter for salads, cold meats, baguette’s etc.  The environment  is comfortable and warming, using the original features of the building that have been tastefully exposed and beautifully restored.  The fixtures and furniture are simple with an art deco style creating an interesting yet understated feel for a modern bespoke coffee shop environment.  This coupled with the soft seating area watching the theater of openly roasting coffee make Café Zee different and exciting.